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Andréa Sykes (R) and Nadine Pierre (L)

Abundance Business and Tax Services (BTS)

Andréa Sykes is the founder of Abundance BTS (Business and Tax Services), a company based in Stone Mountain, GA that promotes personal development, wealth building, and health and wellness.

Sykes and close friend, Nadine Pierre, who she refers to as her “sister from another mother”, decided to partner in business together. Over the years they have faced some shared experiences that  solidified heir bond, and through that, Abundance BTS was born.

Abundance BTS aims to show people that they can have it all. A physically, spiritually, and financially abundant life, if they adopt the right mindset, and educate themselves on key success principles. Through the company, Sykes, Pierre, and their third partner, Emmanuel Saintil, provide success training, products for health and wellness, tax preparation, and life insurance, and also help aspiring business owners to properly structure their businesses and acquire funding.

The reality that Sykes wants everyone to know, is that life is not about where you start, it is about where you finish. She recalls the words of her mother, who would frequently tell her that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and that life is a process.


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